The trip to Goat Lake starts at the Walupt Lake campground parking lot. Here you will notice campsites all around. Go early to make sure you get a good campsite. Road access wasn’t bad. This region is becoming pretty popular so the earlier you get here the better of a chance you will have to get a site. Rainier, St. Helen's, Adams and the Goat Rocks range dominate the horizon. Adams. View fullsize. Wonderful day in the Goat Rocks! The trail stays open through the Jordan Basin before re-entering forest. By far the most beautiful hike I've ever been on. I highly recommend this for international and out-of-state adventurers as this has a little bit of everything Washington has to offer. Adams dominates the view to the south. This is where the trail is. Between Goat Lakeand Snowgrass Flatsis an excellent alpine area. Cowlitz Valley Ranger Station Three night backpacking trip in the Snowgrass Flats/Lily Basin area in Goat Rocks Wilderness Day 1 – hike in to Snowgrass Flat/Lily Basin area. Lots of mountain goats above the lake and tons of marmots around dinner time and in the morning. The gentleman ended up getting flown out from goat lake around 9pm and people are working on rescuing his horse today. Tents everywhere along the pretty trail miles though. At the Snowgrass Flats TH, fill out your wilderness permit and then head up on Snowgrass Hiker Trail (#96A). Take 96 through Snowgrass Flats up to the PCT, then along the PCT until you can see Goat Lake. There are a ton of great campsites along the way. I was glad I was running on by and not camping. Goat Lake, Snowgrass Flat In Goat Rocks Wilderness. This is one of the best sections of the trail. Contributions to WTA are tax deductible, and we are committed to making the best use of every donation to our mission. Goat Lake + Snowgrass Flats Goat Rocks Wilderness - South Cascades Round trip: 12+ miles Highest pt: 6,600 ft. View fullsize. Obtaining an overnight camping spot at Goat Lake is a gamble based on its popularity, however, and you'll find a lot more backcountry campsite options along the Pacific Crest Trail, which is best directly accessed via the Snowgrass Trail. Mountain goats, marmots and monumental mountains – oh my! Northwest Forest Pass required. Beautiful views, nice trail, will be doing this again. Hiking along the PCT beneath the Goat Rocks peaks is a real treat. If not, don't worry, it's super easy. The huckleberry leaves are turning red in the Snowgrass Flat and in the meadows. The trail is actually longer. It will be 4.5 miles of up before you hit your first water source. Snowgrass Flat – Goat Lake Loop is 13-miles round trip and climbs a total of 1900 feet in elevation – perfect for an overnight backpacking trip, even for a first-time backpacker. The huckleberry leaves are turning red in the Snowgrass Flat and in the meadows. The trail itself was lovely. Look towards the edge of this area. Expect parking lots and camp spots to fill early, even on the weekdays. This is the first beautiful meadow of wildflowers you will come to. Trip Report. For backpackers, there are camping areas on the Bypass Trail, just past Snowgrass Flat (please preserve the meadows by not camping there). Two miles before Packwood, turn south on FR 21 - the Johnson Creek Road. Overall the trail was in good condition, a good amount of snow at this time of year, lots of good campsites, and lots of streams to fill water bottles at. Lots of sun so bring your hat and sunscreen but the views through this section were just wonderful. Goat Lake; Snowgrass Flat; Old Snowy Mountain - Elk Pass; Wow. This trail is very popular so if you want a good spot to camp I highly suggest going early in the morning and getting started on your way up to Goat Lake. But still incredible views! Absolutely incredible! Taking the bypass trail, you will encounter some of the most amazing floral displays anywhere in the Goat Rocks Wilderness, if you get there in mid-July. You should have views back towards Adams as well. Drive 1 mile and turn left at the fork onto the unsigned Forest Road 2150. Enjoy! She got a bit too snowy where you leave the PCT to go up, just near the top, so we didn't quite make it. At about 4 miles, just before entering Snowgrass Flats, bypass Trail #97 heads east as an alternate route allowing the hiker to do a loop hike. We decided to rest on the lake with beautiful color and swam. Semi-Permanent Snow Field. September 7th 2008 . Bring a layer up though, it gets windy on the ridge. Seattle, WA 98104. The next day we hiked up to Hawkeye Point and to Goat Lake. This lake is usually frozen well into the summer, although it's not advisable to trek out onto it at any time of the year. We lucked out and had basically no wind and a moon so full that our headlamps weren’t necessary. Prepare for a large amount of flies near the lake. The Snowgrass, Goat Lake, and Old Snowy areas are the most crowded areas in the Goat Rocks Wilderness. Woke up early and headed out before 8am so my buddies pup didn’t have to hike the dry half of the loop in the midday heat. Drop dead gorgeous views though, I definitely see why it’s a popular spot! Was lucky enough to also get to see two families of Mountain Goats as well one group with babies! Our tax identification number is EIN 91-0900134. Subscribe to our free email newsletter for hiking events, news, gear reviews and more. The trail connects to Snowgrass Trail where the route heads left up to the Pacific Crest Trail. Even though the trail climbs steeply (1400 ft. in 1.5 miles), the views gradually reveal themselves and a large waterfall provides a short sidetrip. After Goat Lake it’s all downhill and we ended up camping near the bridge over Goat River. Snowgrass Flat is very very popular. It is also a dog-friendly trail. The road was rough and we were on a service road for about 2 hrs. Would definitely recommend getting there earlier and walking to at least the alpine zone. It’s exposed camping up at Goat lake though so bring warm clothes in case you don’t get as lucky as us with the wind. Then you arrive at your choice of trail heads- Berry Patch or Snowgrass. Congratulate yourself as you have reached the highpoint of the trip and almost the entire return is downhill. No issues parking. There are waterfalls cascading down everywhere with abundant wildflowers. Old Smokey from Goat Ridge However, the Miriam Fire was too much of a risk so we entered from the Berry Patch Trailhead via Goat Ridge and out by way of Snowgrass Flats. Trailhead. Gifford Pinchot National Forest This is the 2nd time I'm there (last time was just a month before). I hiked 5 miles from the trailhead and camped near Alpine camp, just west of Snowgrass Flat. Some folks had not mastered the cat-hole at Snowgrass Flats but mostly pristine campsites. Take 96 through Snowgrass Flats up to the PCT, then along the PCT until you can see Goat Lake. beautiful views, definitely more than worth it to summit old snowy. Both are jam packed with cars parked along the roadway. Just off the trail is a campsite that is worth exploring for a rest. Washington Trails Association You'll head on trail 7A back to Snowgrass and while on the trail, you'll have a 2-3 foot deep river which you'll have to ford. This is the 2nd time I'm there (last time was just a month before). I highly recommend this trail it's in great shape. There may be snow in this area so look carefully for the trail exit at what looks like the edge of the meadow you are in. When you reach Snowgrass Flats take the trail to your right as it crosses a meadow of wildflowers via a trail deeply rutted into the ground. Snowgrass Flat. Continue on 7A until you make it back to your car. If you summit Old Snowy, add ~1.5 miles. SUMMARY: The Goat Lake loop is about 14 miles. Type of Hike Day hike. What you are actually walking through is a deep layer of rich volcanic ash from the 1980 St. Helens eruption that supports a wide variety of wildflowers. From the town of Randle drive 14 miles east on Highway 12 to Forest Service Road 21. As you head above treeline, the mountains around you reveal themselves in all of their glory and tarns and Goat Lake reflect the beauty. The Snowgrass Flats (Trail No. The first 4 miles of this hike is mostly in forested areas with limited views. This is a header portlet!!! 4.5 miles with 1,550 ft. gain. Once you hit Walput Lake, it's about another 6 miles to Snowgrass Flats. Go 15.5 miles on FR 21 to FR 2150 (signed Chambers Lake Campground). Wait until midsummer for this hike as the wildflowers will be in full bloom. fall colors were out! First few miles were gradual, nice easy warm up passing by the turn off for the Snowgrass TH parking lot, etc. If you have two cars you can drop one at this trailhead to save the 0.75 mile flat walk back to Berry Flats. We went counter clockwise. Adams in the distance. Enjoy the flowers! Stay right at the Chambers Lake turnoff. 10/10; I will definitely be back in the future for an overnight on the 3 loop trail! Goat Lake is a charming alpine lake that can be accessed via the Goat Rocks Trail #95 (going clockwise) or the Snowgrass Flats Trail #96 (going counter-clockwise). It was perfect weather! Lots of water opportunities along this loop for the dog. Not too challenging, especially if you start the loop counter-clockwise, completed the loop in 5 hours. South Cascades. The elevation gain is gentle and gradual, the maintained path is well-signed, and … The loop passes through old-growth forests, alpine meadows, and rocky crests. Stayed for two nights so I could explore and also just to sit/relax and take in some of the very best views WA state has to offer. My friend and I left Berry Patch TH at around 9:30am and noticed only a few spots left. Follow the signs to Berry Patch Trailhead. Mt. The towering mountain up the right is Hawkeye Point. In today's video, I bring you along with me on one of the more beautiful hikes I have done. Just above you a couple hundred feet is goat lake which is frozen well into the summer most years. The trail is not well signed, so it's best if you have a compass. Got Adams, St. Helens, and Rainier in one pano! If … Take your time walking up into this glacial cirque called "Jordan Basin" and enjoy the flowers. Back on the loop, it is about three additional miles to Goat Lake, where there are also campsites. Hiking to Snowgrass Flats is like the first chapter in a compelling book that is so good you don’t want it to end and once you get to Snowgrass Flats you won’t want to leave. Snowgrass (#96) Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Cowlitz Valley Ranger District. Randle, WA 98377 And no wind. From there it’s a slow gradual climb along the meadows and the valley wall to the lake. To everyone on the trail that passed by us late afternoon 10/18 while we were assisting the man who fell off goat ridge with his horse - thank you for all of the donated bivies! Continue ~0.3 mile to the trailhead (4,600 ft). The best option is to hike the trail counter-clockwise, heading first to Snowgrass Flats. Take 2150 about 3 miles to spur road 2150-040 - go right, then right again on spur road 2150-405. The trailhead is at road's end, signed "Berry Patch." This 10.5-mile roundtrip hike to Goat Lake in the Goat Rocks Wilderness makes for a great overnight backpacking trip. Snowgrass Flats and Goat Lake Loop Trail is a 12.1 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Packwood, Washington that features a lake and is rated as difficult. We headed out counterclockwise on the loop due to having my buddies dog with us and wanting to have plenty of water sources for the hot day. Goat Lake thaws into an aqua blue color Continue on Lilly Basin Trail for 3 miles through Snowgrass flats through thick wildflower gardens and spectacular views of Mt. Drive US 12 to 3 miles south of Packwood. In 2 miles, turn right at the sign pointing to Snowgrass Flat Trail. Follow the signs carefully when you park. This loop trip samples the best of the area - cool forests; bright wildflowers; and amazing views of all of volcanoes in the South Cascades. Guidebooks: Best Loop Hikes Washington by Dan Nelson & Alan Bauer (Mountaineers Books); 100 Hikes in Washington's South Cascades & Olympics by Ira Spring & Harvey Manning (Mountaineers Books). Multiple marmots and goats. Pretty challenging, but not too many switchbacks thankfully. Even though the trail climbs steeply (1400 ft. in 1.5 miles), the views gradually reveal themselves and a large waterfall provides a short sidetrip. The trek to Goat Lake was easy with a lot of snow. The first day we walked in 3 miles and camped on the ridge. Bring extra socks and even gators. This waterfall can be a little tricky to cross with an overnight backpack so be careful. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is best used from June until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. We went down to the Goat Rocks Wilderness to do the loop hike to Goat Lake and Snowgrass Flats. After setting up camp next to a wonderful… You've accomplished most of the climbing by this point. See weather forecast. At the trailhead area for the Goat Ridge Trail, take the side trail one-half mile back to the Snowgrass Flats trailhead to complete the loop. St. Helens in the distance. A long hike into some very beautiful country and awesome NW vistas. View fullsize. Look at the other side of the valley. You can return in the middle of the Knife Edge, that would be a couple of miles less. Trip Report By. Okay, I had to get that awful alliteration out … Sep 21, 2014. Did a weekend (9/20-21) backpack at the Goat Rocks Wilderness in southern WA (just south of the town Packwood). Did a weekend (9/20-21) backpack at the Goat Rocks Wilderness in southern WA (just south of the town Packwood). Great views of Adams. I went counterclockwise which made for a pleasant flat start the first few miles before starting uphill. You'll notice that what you are heading towards is a depression at the top of the valley. 10024 U.S. 12 Goat Rocks Wilderness. (the usual like pot holes and wash boarding in areas). There is a viewpoint from some nearby rocks at Jordan Basin. This is a loop. Turn right onto FS 21 and drive about 20 miles on the dirt road (all wheel drive is nice here). Took the detour up to the glacier beneath old snowy to get a good look at Mount Rainier. If you love pristine wilderness and beautiful views of major mountains and broad green meadows, this hike is for you. A federal Northwest Forest Pass is required to park here. There is a large rock directly in the middle of the road a few miles in from where you turn off just past Packwood FSR 21 plenty of room both sides around it though. Beautiful views of Mt Adams framed to our south. A long hike into some very beautiful country and awesome NW vistas. A good alternate hike would be to continue on the Snowgrass Trail, up to the PCT, and then north to Old Snowy and PCT Summit, which is the highest section of the PCT in Washington. 705 2nd Ave, Suite 300 On a clear day from this point you will have a great view of Mt. Goat Rocks Wilderness Snowgrass Flat and Goat Lake September 7th 2008. Location: South Cascades - Goat RocksDistance: 8 miles to the Flats; 13 mile loop tripElevation: Flats - 1200 ft. gain to 5830; Loop - 1900 ft. to 6500Maps: USFS Goat Rocks Wilderness; Green Trails #335 Walupt Lake, #303 White Pass, #302 Packwood, #334 Blue Lake. Snowgrass Flat and Goat Lake . If you do this loop clockwise then pack lots of water. Follow the signs another 2 miles to the Snowgrass Flats trailhead. I ran this with my dog, hit the trail at dawn to beat the heat and the crowds (somewhat). South Cascades -- Goat Rocks. Looped counter clockwise and attempted to summit Old Snowy on the middle day. Expect parking lots and camp spots to fill early, even on the weekdays. You'll pass by a couple pretty alpine pools of of water and if you look across the valley you may see herds of elk. Lots of people coming up as we descended the west side of the loop which was totally dry. The snow has melted, and it is the perfect time to experience the magic of the Goat Rocks Wilderness. The trail head is not the same as the trail head to Snowgrass Flats. It’s about a 15-mile drive up gravel roads to the trail head, washboard in places. Goat Lake, Snowgrass Flat In Goat Rocks Wilderness. Drive up was fine. My girlfriend and I planned a two night backpack through this area. Thank goodness! When you get above it look back as the glacial meltwater is often a beautiful tourquoise color. Guidebooks & Maps. Help preserve the fragile meadows by following Wilderness Regulations and Leave No Trace principles. Long gravel road with some wash boarding in sections but pretty good shape overall. Despite it's popularity everyone was able to spread out though and have their own spaces. The best option is to hike the trail counter-clockwise, heading first to Snowgrass Flats. Or continue past the Snowgrass Flat sign 0.6 mile to the Berry Patch Trail head (4,700 ft). Take a look through the trees for a glimpse of Mt. Here is a nice stream crossing where you can stop for a rest and cool off. Share. If your lucky and there is a breeze you won't be pestered by bugs but if it has been wet or it is early spring you may want to leave this low point of the valley and start heading uphill towards Snowgrass Flats. The cascading water of this one is very beautiful. I’ll be back! Good little up hill portion before the jaw dropping my beautiful meadows of Sungrass Flats. No mountain goats or elk, but plenty of marmots! It's all jaw-dropping fun to the pass that descends into the Jordan Basin. This is the beginning of the Snowgrass Flat area which contains many nice campsites and a stream for drinking water a short distance to the right (southeast). Following the Lily Basin Trail, in the next 1.5 miles, are about 10 of … There are about 10 campsites along here. Turn east onto Forest Road 21, continue 13 miles, and turn left at the Snowgrass Trail/Chamber Lake sign. The hike out (on the third day) being the longest-distance-day was a bit rough on my unconditioned legs! Forgot to do a trip report for my one nighter with a buddy on this trail a few days before Labor Day weekend. Trailhead Co-ordinates: 46.4642, -121.5190 Open map in new window. If you camp or have the time, do take the opportunity to hike up to the PCT and wander about for a bit. LB and Hosey Hiked Jul 31, 2005. did this hike on the weekend of the 2nd. Snowgrass Flat Map & Directions. It is closer to 13 mi. If you love pristine wilderness and beautiful views of major mountains and broad green meadows, this hike is for you. Beautiful trail. The forest road up to the trail head is actually in really good shape for a dirt road easily able to drive it in a front wheel drive car. Everyone we passed was very respectful about creating space for social distancing. Backpack - Snowgrass Flat & Goat Lake Basin The Goat Rocks are one of the most scenic view and flower extravaganzas in Washington and this 3-day, 12.5 mile strenuous backpack hits the high points, from a basecamp along the PCT near Snowgrass Flat. Walking up the side of this glacially carved valley away from Goat Lake is amazing. It was rainy, cold, and windy which made for a tough set up and wet night of sleep. Keep your eye out for marmots and mountain goats from this point on as well. 21.09.2014. ROUTE DESCRIPTION. If you go to Elk Pass and back, you'd be adding another 10 miles. First 3 miles was easy - 1 hour. This trail is good choice for backpacking - many many nice spots for camping with water access. Go Hiking Trip Reports Snowgrass #96,Goat Ridge #95. The road to the trail is headache! Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Cowlitz Valley Ranger District (360) 497-1100. Turn left onto Forest Service Road 2150 and go for 3.5 miles. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. From the Chambers Lake/Snowgrass Trailhead you can choose to ascend up to Goat Lake either via the Snowgrass Trail or via Goat Ridge. Unfortunately the smoked came in and erased the views. After the crappy weather during Labor Day weekend this year, and after sitting around the house all day Saturday feeling sorry for myself because I gave up on an attempt to hike the Loowit Trail around Mt St Helens, I got up Sunday and drove myself down to the Goat Rocks for a Snowgrass Flat / Goat Lake loop day hike. We were planning to spend four nights on this trip, but the weather made slight changes to those plans. Washington Trails Association is 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Insanely busy on Labor Day weekend (during COVID), not sure if it’s always this crowded.