SAB: 1.0 million. For any info contact me over discord: PT | Destro#8704 GE4/GE5/GB1/GB2 Level 25 5.7 billion honor Basic General 1.3 milion Uri Equipment 46 prometheus Darkorbit |26.000 ISH|1.000.000 RSB|10.000 EMP|BASIC GENERAL|GE5 Explore the endless expanses of universe in one of the best and most exciting online browser games ever produced. The best way to gain the LF-4 is through the Kappa gate, since you can also gain Hercules this way if you need them. Comentado por bee pollen weight loss, 25-10-2013, 06:58 (UTC): Ahaa, its pleasant discussion on the topic of this piece of writing at this place at this blog, I have … Overview [edit | edit source]. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure they only introduced the free laser giveaway idea only starting late 2018 which by then there aren't a lot of players left. Lab Notebook Lunar Module Orbital Telescope. Brave all dangers and go where nobody's ever gone before - either alone or with others. Diskuze na fóru ' Diskuzní koutek ' zahájená uživatelem BloodRavens1 , 14/12/20 . full olarak lf4 16 level..hiperplazmoid..prometheus her biri kaçar vuruyor..tane başına da resmi kaç vuruyor ... DarkOrbit TR. Prometheus visits at Photonics West – at The Moscone Center Feb 16-18, 2016 Posted on February 10, 2016 by bbentler Please stop by booth 4259 to see the latest in Laser Innovation. Here I will show my workings for the maximum damage the Prometheus Laser can deal if the sum is done via base damage multiplication.. I've got 10 prometheus lasers, full lf4 8 havocs and an apis. Not to far from a Killer Account. My pet is basically stock with just 5 radar protocols. 1 Item Upgrading 2 Cost 3 Upgrading 4 Tips 5 UPGRADE COST CHART - URIDIUM 6 UPGRADE COST CHART - CREDITS 7 UPGRADE COST CHART - INTERNAL MODULES 8 UPGRADE COST CHART - EXTERNAL MODULES 9 Notes Item Upgrading is a feature that enables you to upgrade any lasers, rocket launchers, shield generators, drones, and Clan Battle Station modules that you have. Milý(á) fórum uživatel (ko), Lf-4 magmadrill nebo Prometheus laser? Pod povrchem: Znič Invoke XVI 3x na mapě 1,2,3,-BL (mapa podle firmy hráče) Odměna: Prometheus Laser 1 11. This page was last edited on 3 January 2020, at 12:46. Weapons are the primary form of offense in DarkOrbit. DarkOrbit - 36 Prometheus Level 16 - DMG Test GE2 - Duration: 3:23. Should I complete more pirate missions to get full prometheus? The first 4 are easy and you should be able to complete them for yourself in 3 or 4 hours if you are truly UFE. Vrtací systém: Sbírej Rinusk 2000x Odměna: DLB booster poškození 24 12. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. SICK MODE 29,287 views. Cuenta Darkorbit nivel 18 , mil millones de creditos , 120mil uris , 11 prometheus lo demas todo lf4 , todos los havoc , 3 spartan , P. e. t. con modulo recolector y reparador nivel 16 , tiene sus 10 iris , perfecta para no empezar de cero y tener una buena cuenta y barata , claramente España 1 Yes actually the best laser is Prometheus (i will put a guide soon). You need 36 LF-4's to be considered as Ultra-Elite, please note they must also be level 16. Punisher Board Administrator Team Darkorbit UrDeathbish - radi by sme si tu pozreli nezostrihane video, kde je vidiet, ze nemas full prometheus v lodi a farba striel sa meni. The Prometheus Laser is an uber-elite laser meant to be used against the blacklight alien race. Level 16 Rocket Launchers. DarkOrbit GE2 - [25.11. Every successful … Hyperplsmoid 212 dmg standard *36 laser = 7632 Prometheus 210 standard *36 = 7560 but we have 200 extra every 5 sec so: 200*36 = 7200 extra dmg If we take the difference btw Hyper dmg and Prometehus 212-210 = 2*36(lasers)*5(sec) = 360 Overview. DarkOrbit. 20. DarkOrbit is the ultimate space shooter. 1 Overview 2 Information 3 How the Chains Work 4 Key 5 Notes 6 The Missions (Abandoned Voices) 7 The Missions (Limits) 8 Blacklight Missions (Limits) Continued 9 Credits The Blacklight missions are a type of quest in the game similar to the 100 Missions except these ones are focused (for the most part) within the Blacklight Maps. It's all level 0-3. 36 Prometheus (11-16 lvl) 10 BO3 Letouny všechny na 16 Full Spartan/havok Munice : X2=2m X3=570k X4=780k SAB=1,5M RSB=28K PP=37/50 A ostatní na fotkách Cena 1500 That's 24 pretty good lasers without even trying." Konusu 'Genel Konular' forumundadır ve İŞİM=YOKETMEK tarafından 11 Ekim 2020 başlatılmıştır. Full SPARTAN. Flight Duration Flight Time: 01d 00h Skill Levels Specialist: 10 Flights Master: 50 Flights Expert: 100 Flights Flight Rewards Gold Coins: 500-10,000 Experience: 100-1000 Common Items: Prometheus Rocket Lander: Syntax - Template - Help Key [edit | edit source]. My gear is not upgraded at all. > Genel Konular > lf4 16 level..hiperplazmoid..prometheus. Hello, I am a sub-ultra elite player. You can have as many lasers as the ship has slots for, but only one rocket launcher, except the Citadel and Mimesis ship, which can hold 2 rocket launchers. level 26 Colonel ~40 mrd cre ~2 mio uri ~7,1 mrd ehre ~300mrd ep 50pp ~76k logfiles - 48 Prom Laser Level 16 - 62 BO3 Schilde 35 x Level 16 7 x Level DarkOrbit||De1 Colonel|| Full Prometheus 16 | 2.500.000+ Uridium base (210 damage) means how much damage the laser is doing or has been multiplied into doing. I used JOB-100 ammo throughout my excursion and added Prometheus lasers to my ship as soon as I gained them. This laser has an overdrive mechanism, like the SL-type lasers.This laser ALSO deals 3.5x damage towards Blacklight aliens.. Posee un alcance de 600, una variación de daño de 25% y una probabilidad de impacto del 80%. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Level 16 Drones. IMPORTANT UPDATE INFORMATION BELOW . The current weapons available to use are Laser Cannons and Rocket Launchers, both require ammunition to fire. * Herná biblia-abecedný register * Ako správne prispievať na fórum * Please note this damage has a chance to proc every 5 seconds, not every attack. The Blacklight Race. ¡Asegúrate la victoria cuando te enfrentes cara a cara con el Black Light! Ana Sayfa Forumlar > Yardım > Oyunla İlgili S.S.S. Una herramienta esencial para el arsenal de cualquier piloto. Takes one year just to get 24 lasers from calendar but the BSGO code gave out 15 unstable lf4s lasers with one code. Pilot Sheet: 39/50. The LF-4 is a very strong laser at level 16 if you have full of them. Ocasiona un máximo de 210 de daño por disparo.Además inflige 200 puntos de daño adicional cada 5 segundos. Should I farm uri on cubikons despite all the botters? Research Points used: 49/50. Level Required: 16 Items Required: Space Suit. Prometheus are cel mai mare damage dar asta nu inseamna ca este cel mai bun laser, nu se rezuma totul la damage. 58 Prometheus lasers > all level 16 8 Pet lasers Generators 45+ Bo3 | Around 25-30 16 Level Ammo x2: 27.000.0000 x3: 1.000.000 x4: 19.000.000 RSB: 1.600.000 ISH: 10.000 EMP: 1.000 Resources Rinusk: 900.000 Tracer: 177.000 Oil: 120 ABR: 1475 Agatus splinter: 200.000 Eternal CPU: 125 Ships|Designs Pet Related HP link-Megamine. eu joc cu prometheus doar cand joc pe full damage, in rest hplf4, diferenta mare o fac configuratiile si restul, daca esti full prometheus nu e garantat ca bati pe oricine care nu e pe prometheus. Level 16 P.E.T. Set a course for undiscovered galaxies and seek out new lifeforms! Odměna: Prometheus Laser 1 10. 2020] Dobrý den, prodám účet na serveru GE2. Five … I hit 100k+ x4 with 11 level 4 prom lasers compared to 60k-70k with level 5 hyperplasmoids and magmadrills. Dark Orbit Crafting Prometheus Lasers 2019 - Duration: 1:30. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for DE4/GER4 Darkorbit Account FULL PROMETHEUS LASERS/1.9 Mil Uridium/FULL SPARTAN at the best online prices at eBay! This DarkOrbit account is almost Maxed out. Cuenta Darkorbit nivel 18 , mil millones de creditos , 120mil uris , 11 prometheus lo demas todo lf4 , todos los havoc , 3 spartan , P. e. t. con modulo recolector y reparador nivel 16 , tiene sus 10 iris , perfecta para no empezar de cero y tener una buena cuenta y barata , claramente España 1 The lasers make a huge difference in hitting power in the BL map. Free shipping for many products! U.S.E Entertainment 321 views. What should I focus on? Lets see.