This family-run restaurant is my go-to spot for Turkish food in the area! Shawarma Kebab is a family-owned restaurant serving Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. A light entrée for those who like meat cutlets.-Mother-in-law's chicken: baked chicken served with lots and lots of mozarella cheese, mushrooms, garlic, and of course, it comes with, you guessed right, mashed potatoes! Halal | Hand-Cut | Non-GMO Chicken & Prime Beef Kofta Serving authentic Turkish cuisine unequaled in the New York City / North Jersey area. The baba ganoush was very fresh and flavorful. I stopped here for lunch while walking around Oakland, and it was absolutely perfect. Red Lentil Soup or Chicken Vegetable Soup. I made dinner reservations through the Yelp app for the first time (give it a whirl - super simple) and our table for six was ready when we arrived. Appetizers: -Soups: Get a soup here. 117 reviews of Chicken Kebab "If you love Turkish food, Chicken Kebab will treat you well. 8 Grilled Salmon. Take it or leave it. 13 1/2 Lamb - 1/2 Lule. Served with yogurt sauce. Sammy was the man, always real polite and friendly. Chicken kebab and baklava were outstanding. I wished there were more lunch menu options, but overall it was great! Beats every Turkish and uzbek cuisine in the area. Got the chicken gyro platter with lentil soup. Tender beef or chicken seasoned with special herbs and spices - sliced and wrapped up in a fresh and warm pita bread; served with jajik, hummus & donerg sauce. $11.99. I have tried many places in Brooklyn but this one in terms of kebab has been my favorite. Big Johns. Everything freshly cooked and healthy and tasty. The customer service was great as well. Menu may not be up to date. The meat is well seasoned and the dough is light and thin. The person who took the order was polite and efficient. Nick C. 12/20/20. I had the Adana chicken kebab as well as the cheese borek as an appetizer. Telephone: 01491 832737 Click the menu button for the full takeaway … The food was not only delicious, but extremely fresh! Yelp Birmingham. At Chicken Kebab, you can get a takeaway. I hope to try the desserts next time. order online at # BigJohns # Kebab # chicken # takeaway # justeat # naan # chips See More. As mentioned, pita bread came... and when that was empty, the server offered to bring more (and did). Replaced with chicken kebab, turned out to be half raw.Don't recommend this place to anyone. Our menu features Egyptian Salad, Falafel Pita Sandwich, Fried Whitefish Platter, and Hummus with Grape Leaves. Both were amazing! Chicken Shish Kebab. Last time I was here, I also tried the baby eggplant on a skewer, which didn't particularly taste like anything special (it could have used some seasoning), but I found it refreshing to have vegetables on the skewers section of the menu. We took his recommendations and ordered the following:Bread ($1.75): Crusty yet chewy, everything that good bread should be. I've eaten here five times and each time I'm amazed at the wonderful flavors and culinary surprises offered. I guess three out of six ain't bad. Anyways I ordered through grub… $15.99. Bombay House has held down the No. You can order perfectly cooked baklava and tasty yogurt. The chicken thigh meat wasn't very moist either. Pass on this. Takeout is available, but more fun to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in this establishment. An overall favorite was the Adams and chicken kebabs. Shish kebab were offered at the Morocco structure, mezze platter as well as shwarama at the Lebanese pavilion, and also nasi kuning at the Indonesian pavilion. Kebab Place, a Mediterranean restaurant in Downtown Santa Ana Serving Organic and Halal Kebabs, Gyro, Burgers, Wraps and Salads. Short, adequate wine list , including some very good Turkish wines and a full bar. This place was fabulous! This unassuming spot is tucked back from the street on Coney Island Ave. Food. Well, cheap means $5-$7 per one item for me, maybe more for others. It was so much food (and I ate too much pita - oops) that I easily stretched it into two meals with my leftovers. Chicken Shish Kebab at Zeugma Kebab "Came here last night and this was the best Chicken Shish Kebab and Adana Lamb Kebab in the Bay area I have had. 324 likes. Didn't expect such a nice place out of here. Being that we are from baku and were exposed to fine kavkazi foods and restaurants since a young age, we were amazed at the quality of the foods. The food was also still warm and packaged neatly. Kebab - Wir haben 93 beliebte Kebab Rezepte für dich gefunden! I thought the chicken was seasoned and cooked really well and I had plenty of leftovers for dinner. I like my meat fully cooked like almost burned. They're all delicious. And that was my first and last time there. The chicken thigh meat wasn't very moist either. Marinades are also used to tenderize the meat and add flavor. The Stroganoff here is a large portion served with juicy sauce and enough mashed potatoes to last you for days. The food was delicious! The restrooms and restaurant area was very clean and bright and the service was friendly and prompt. And we didn't ask for more because I ended up bringing the last piece home, but crap. Being that I LOVE Mediterranean food, I had to stop there for dinner and let me tell you, I was not disappointed at all. The kutabi, dolma, lamb ribs, chicken kebab, lulya was amazing. Eating good chicken gyro, chicken skewers and doner is what most visitors advise. Sepan Chicken in Glendale serves the Finest Mediterranean, Middle Eastern Food & Rotisserie Chicken. Barbecue chicken is often seasoned or coated in a spice rub, barbecue sauce, or both. My Adana Kebab contained two lamb kebabs, plain rice and green beans & carrots... and not an overwhelming amount for the price. I loved the chicken kebab-it was very juice and savory. $10.99. We don't share the entrees. Their food is yummy! They offer both Indian and Afghan dishes. Gyro kebab House is well known for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. The salad was decent too. There were a few things other than kebabs on the menu, but that was the main thing. Includes cabbage, pickles and mayo. Oyster Mushroom Kebab at Bavel "Considering the hype, I found Bavel pretty disappointing. We are very picky eaters, critiquing every little aspect of foods. We were happy campers. Didn't merit the price tag. I ordered about 300 worth of food for a b-day dinner and they did not disappoint. Served with Basmati rice and sautéed vegetables. This place offers you a great choice of dishes for attractive prices. Very nice old stile Russian restaurant , the food is amazing specialty  chicken kebab and Bronzing. (4 1/2 Stars would be more accurate.). Even the roasted potatoes were whoa. - unofficial site. Avoid at all costs, ‘USA Chicken’ is debate-able as I’m pretty certain well cooked chicken isn’t dark white and as tough as rubber. The chicken was tender and the seasoning was unique but not overwhelming. Luckily, I tried again on an early Sunday afternoon and I was the first one there. Nice decor inside, despite a strip mall location. 10 1/2 Shish - 1/2 Lule. Spice Garden. Chicken Kebab ($6.50): Did not come on spit and was served with rice, red onion and a Heinz 57 style sauce. I was so excited to go here after months of being away, but this time around things have changed.… Definitely will come back when I have the chance. I came here once on a Saturday evening and was turned away because the place was PACKED (good sign, right?) Chicken Kebab at Shirazi Cafe "I always order from here when I crave kebob's. We ate outside on the small patio and it was delicious, but probably best for takeaway. We're definitely keeping this place in our rotation for take out! And it was always hot. Everything was so so good... the meats were some of the most juicy I've ever had. 105 reviews of Istanbul Kebab House "I came here with a couple of colleagues for lunch. As we stepped up to the counter we were presented with a sampling of butter chicken over rice and was it ever good! Nick C. 12/20/20. Waited for my order for ages. She asked us about our super bowl plans, and she generally seemed very down to earth. Shawarma. A must order but kind of ridiculous that they charge for this. Some of their appetizers are good and some are not tasty. Based on the reviewers' opinions, waiters offer great coffee. The host/waiter was very polite. Find mouthwatering chicken skewers, lamb gyro and lamb kabobs on the menu. 11 1/2 Chicken - 1/2 Lule. Between that, the Feta Borek (appetizer) - fried phyllo filled with feta) and the large amounts of pita and oil, I was able to bring half of my dinner home.... and I usually scavenge the crap out of my dinner, eating it ALL, most of the time. The cute staff works hard, stays positive and makes this place great. Guru Hingal ($12$): Buttery noodles with minced lamb. Guru Hingal ($12$): Buttery noodles with minced lamb. Outdoor seating available in nice weather.Excellent and knowledgable service. Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Can't forget about the fresh, warm pita! The portions are quite large and the food is very filling. I tried the Urfa Kebab and my colleague had the chicken sandwich. Millions of Chicken & Kebab, Costa Mesa, California. A couple other main dishes that I really enjoy here:-Kotleti miracle of village: lamb or chicken cutlet served with mashed potatoes (almost everything comes with a side of mashed potatoes here). Our Kabob restaurant serves the choicest meats, fresh vegetables, & desserts that are baked fresh daily. I had the Adana Kebab. Ordered borscht and chicken cutlets with mashed potatoes. Had the borscht, warm bread, and lamb and chicken kebabs. I've been eating here since I was in elementary school. Our server was very sweet. Highly recommend !!!! Tasted very similar to pico de gallo. Finde was du suchst - abwechslungsreich & gut. "Real Turkish food with a twist." There is lots of great food in the neighborhood, but sometimes it has been hard to find something healthy and wholesome that won't leave me feeling gross and overstuffed. Fratelli's Pizza Rustica. The lamb is a must order and one of the better things we ate. We were driving by Indy and trying to find a different type of food.It was very clean and comfy place. A must order. Really liked this place. They were both really good. ... Read Saori K.'s review of Vakos Kebab on Yelp Read Maggie M.'s review of Vakos Kebab on Yelp. Special Offers! 306 W 4th ST Santa Ana, CA 92701 (714) 953-8444 I would definitely go back when in the Indianapolis area! Both tasted great. Atmosphere is cozy and relaxing. Pick up or get home delivery in Hanover. Big Johns. Just noticed this restaurant last night and stopped by for dinner. If you save room for dessert (good luck! Mixed Kebab. more. Pass on this. The only quibble I might have is that in retrospect, I should have had my raki without ice. We got the chicken kebab and lamb&beef gyro plate along with a baba ganoush appetizer. Kutaby ($2.50 each): Tried one with greens and lamb. Kefta Kebab. I was in Indianapolis for a work trip and saw that there was a Turkish restaurant near my hotel. DOY GRILL - FRESNO (NEW) Hours: Mon-Sat 10 AM - 8 PM Sun CLOSED Address: 424 E Bullard Ave. Fresno, CA 93710 Phone: (559) 840-1440 Terrific service is something that people highlight in their comments. 12 1/2 Lamb - 1/2 Chicken. There's street parking out front, and the restaurant has a warm rustic vibe. My wife usually gets the chicken kebab and I usually get the salmon. Chicken Kebab at Istanbul Cafe "Istanbul, no wonder people love you on Yelp! The moment I tried cutlets I felt it was not chicken at all. My high school buddies and I went to Istanbul for spring break a few years back. Want to chime in. Similar to a beef stroganoff (which is also on the menu) but not creamy at all. Cubed cuts of savory chicken delicately seasoned and marinated in our house sauce. A medium size plate was perfect for us all to share.For my entree, I ordered the chicken kebab, served with basmati rice and vegetables. It was delicious. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. The Vegetarian Sampler Platter is a must. Food is pricey as… Service was attentive without being overbearing. Nadi Halal Kebab House - Nadi Halal Kebab House Offers Halal Chicken in Scarborough, ON Döner Pita Sandwich "Pure Awesomeness" Tender beef or chicken seasoned with special herbs and spices - freshly sliced and wrapped up and served with jajik, hummus & donerg sauce. This was the standout dish. Salad. Barbecue chicken consists of chicken parts or entire chickens that are barbecued, grilled or smoked.There are many global and regional preparation techniques and cooking styles. I can't wait to go back. Submit corrections. -Dolmas: 10 grape leaves filled with ground beef and rice. › eat › best-halal-restaurants Being Turkish, I've had my fair share of some amazing dolmas, and these don't even come close to those standards, but for $14, 10 dolmas that taste good are a steal. Turned out to be stinky lamb. I am really glad this place is here! Chicken-Kebab is not a fancy place; there’s a Formica counter with stools, a few booths (but only one table suitable for a group larger than 4) and a selection of oil paintings u0003on the wall that, well, I wouldn’t have chosen. The exotic atmosphere is to be found here. The… We see never disappointed.. We typically order delivery but have also eaten at the restaurant as it has a nice ambiance. Jetzt ausprobieren mit ♥ ♥. Wonderful service. The kebabs were solid -- the chicken kebab and the yogurt sauce kebabs were the best that I tried, but everything was fine. This is another appetizer that you can share in a big group. Chicken Kebab at La Mediterranee "I've been a loyal customer to La Mediterranee over 20 years, being originally introduced here by my sister. Pleasant and very helpful waiter! But hey, interestingly enough, that's the Russian way.The food is consistent and the menu never changes. If anything is ever left behind, it probably wasn't edible in the first place. Taste our naturally delicious food today for an unforgettable experience Explore our buffet … Gobi Manchurian / $9.99. For our lunch today though, we both opted for an Afghan dish. January 8 at 9:03 AM. Nevertheless, I believe our waiter was Turkish and he explained what any foreign words meant to us.Our group ordered the appetizer sampler plate - great way to try authentic Turkish fare in one dish (tabouli, humus, stuffed grape leaves, eggplant puree, ezme and fried eggplant with tomato sauce). Overrated place. This is a delicious but heavy dish, so be prepared to share.-Beef Stroganoff: As with all other Russian restaurants you would have been to, this one also serves Beef Stroganoff, a staple of Russian cuisine. It's still good, but I was expecting great from last year's LA Times restaurant of the year.Even though I made my reservation 6 weeks in advance and… Seasoned minced beef, lamb, parsley, and onion served with grilled vegetables and rice $ 14. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. A must order. I'll cut to the chase, the food is excellent. The chicken was well seasoned and very juicy, not dry at all. You go for the amazing Greek salad, the tasty gyros, the vegetarian stuffed eggplant, the lentil soup, and the swordfish kebab. Chicken Kebab ($6.50): Did not come on spit and was served with rice, red onion and a Heinz 57 style sauce. While enjoying Shish Kebab, Lamb Chops, and Sac Tava, customers become enchanted with the beautifully adorned interior, which evokes Turkish culture and creates a warm and intimate vibe. Nothing can be better than ordering tasty pudding, baklava and coconut cakes.Here you may drink delicious wine.. At Chicken Kebab, you can get a takeaway.The cute staff works hard, stays positive and makes … I recommend their chicken kebabs here, very tasty and tender. $14.99. We still do everything the old-fashioned way – it’s never frozen or canned. Menu may not be up to date. I prefer the chicken kebab over the beef or lamb, but you can pick your choice of protein out of their long list. Fabulous Mediterranean delicacies with many vegetarian options. This was the standout dish. Next time.... Good  ambience, friendly service. I hope to try the desserts next time. $12.99. Recent Post by Page. Online ordering menu for Shawarma Kebab. Yelpers love the chicken tikka masala, which earns high marks for its tender, moist chicken, and the Michelin Guide touts its chicken Memoni samosas. Cate L. Via Yelp. This family-run restaurant is my go-to spot for Turkish food in the area! Average, tasteless borsch. Pass on this. I didn't expect anything in particular, but I wasn't expecting that. Chicken Kebab at Nicks Bistro "I always order the lamb chops and my partner orders the chicken kebab. Chicken Kabab at Kabab Grill "Great place to grab late dinner. We ate outside on the small patio and it was delicious, but probably best for takeaway. We're located north of West Chester University at the corner of Market Street and Walnut Street. We shared Kharcho, a Georgian soup with meat and rice, and the server was kind enough to bring it in two bowls, almost making us wonder whether he gave us two portions instead of one.