If You have selected the Arabic version, Our relationship will be governed by the Arabic version. After countless tries I managed to connect to one of their representatives on the stc pay app and the person literally left the chat without assisting me or responding. 7.5 You acknowledge and agree that not receiving the account statement does not excuse You of Your obligation to make payment of the amounts due on Your Payment Cards to Us. 2. You acknowledge that such charges cannot always be calculated in advance. Get the latest devices such as smartphones, tablets and Android smart watches, as well as our greatest voice and Internet package offers, all from the comfort of your home with one click buying and 3 hour free delivery to your doorstop. In order to guarantee quality processing of your request and suggestions, we will: Issue a reference number for your request and send you a text message or email with the details. Live Chat will allow you to chat in real time with a customer service representative 24/7. 18.1 You will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Us and Our Affiliates (and Their respective employees, directors, agents and representatives) from and against any and all claims, costs, actions, suits, or demands and any related losses, damages, liabilities, judgments, tax assessments, penalties, interest, and expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of any claim, action, audit, investigation, inquiry, or other proceeding instituted by a person or entity that arises out of or relates to: (a) any actual or alleged breach of Your representations, warranties, or obligations set forth in this Agreement, including without limitation any violation of Our Policies or Association Rules; (b) any actual or alleged infringement, misappropriation or violation of any third-party rights or applicable law by Your trademarks used in connection with the Wallet Services or Your App or Application using the Wallet Service; (c) Your use of the Wallet Service; or (d) any transaction submitted by You through the Wallet Service. Send your queries to +97334124124. We will communicate with You regarding Your complaint within a period of seven (7) calendar days from the date of receipt (unless You notify Us that the complaint has been resolved). Did not receive an SMS? 11.6 You irrevocably agree that We may subcontract the provision of part or all of the services provided to You under these Payment Cards Terms to any third party, whether or not that third party operates in another jurisdiction or territory. YOUR RESPOSNIBILITIES You hereby agree and accept that We issue such payment card automatically. and if you still have questions or need a new Sim ASK US for help This support channel will provide you instant communication while your query or issue will be handled by a skilled customer service representative. 5.8 We will provide You with a history of the transactions that You make under this Agreement at least once per month free of charge, including details of the amounts, the fees, charges and commissions, the dates and times of execution and the reference numbers for each transaction. (e) International Remittances are normally paid out in the currency of the destination country. 2.3 The Agreement and the Payment Cards Terms do not change when you link Your Payment Card to the Third Party Platform. This includes a comprehensive retail network, a user-friendly web portal, 24 retail outlets and over 700 payment channels in addition to a distribution channel with over 3,700 outlets spread across the country. We will not mediate disputes between You and Providers or enforce or execute the performance of any sales contract. “Supplemental Wallet Account” means a sub-Wallet Account that you may request subject to the availability of such option on the App. With stc pay, you can directly settle your stc bills. No claim by You against the merchant or establishment may be the subject of a claim against Us. 14. 4.4 On termination of these Payment Cards Terms, all existing amounts owed by You shall become due and payable to Us. BD 0. While We will take steps to verify the identity of Our users, We cannot and do not guarantee any user identity. You may request redemption of Your funds to be provided in cash or by transfer to Your bank account (in which case You will need to provide Us with Your bank account details). 3.1 We may, pursuant to Your request, issue supplementary Payment Card(s) (“Supplementary Payment Cards”) linked to Your Wallet Account or Your Supplemental Wallet Account, if any. 9.4 All payments to Us must be ascribed a clear and complete reference so that We can credit the funds into Your Wallet Account. We will process redemption request within one month of receipt of Your request. Welcome to stc pay! Send your queries to +97334124124. - Ben B., FINANCIAL ADVISER, New York New York 10.2 For the purposes of this Agreement, sending payments from Your Wallet Account means either making payments from Your Wallet Account to third party beneficiaries or Providers, instructing funds in Your Wallet Account to be transferred to another account in Your name with a third party or withdrawing funds in cash. Hope it will soon be implemented in Saudi Arabia. "Days" means calendar days. In such event, You will test and, if necessary, modify Your web App or service to ensure that it continues to operate properly with the then-current version of Our Wallet Service. 1.1 These Terms for Enabling Payment Cards on Third Party Payment Platforms and Conditions (the “Terms of Use”) apply when You use Your Payment Cards to make payments via third party payment platforms and technologies. Warranties “Cut Off Time” means the last time for making or receiving payments under the relevant payment scheme. 5.1 Except for liability that cannot be excluded under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, We shall not be liable for any loss which You suffer by using the Third Party Platform unless it is directly caused by Our gross negligence and/or willful misconduct. In these Terms, “You”, “Your” and “Their” refer to the user of the Wallet Services and “We,” “Us,” “Our,”, “Saudi Digital Payments Company” or “STC Pay” refer to the provider of the Wallet Services. (f) subject to Section 4.8 above, any fraudulent use of the Wallet Services by You. the Device lock, PIN, Passcode, and other means to access the Third Party Platform; 5.2 In the event that Your Physical Payment Card is lost, stolen or destroyed, You shall notify Us immediately by contacting Us in accordance with section 2.2 of the Agreement. (k) receive a payment card in accordance with the STC Pay Payment Cards Terms and Conditions under Annex 1 hereto. 19.10 By selecting the “Continue” tab at the starting screen, You confirm that You have read this Agreement, You agree to all terms, conditions, and notices contained or referenced in this Agreement and You provide Your express consent to the same. You acknowledge that Your Wallet Account is not a bank account. All activities under a Supplemental Wallet Account shall be considered as activities of the Wallet Account. 15.2 We will protect Your personal data and maintain its confidentiality including where it is held by an agent or third party on behalf of Us and ensure that We have in place and maintain adequate policies, procedures and controls. 9. Run your business in ease and efficiency with stc Tajer solutions. For the facilitation of the foregoing, Your Wallet Account will show the Current Balance and the Available Balance. Which number is topping your Qitaf account the most? Thank you so much, Elizabeth! You must only use the Wallet Services to transact on Your own account and not on behalf of any other person or entity. (i) access the SADAD Payment System to pay bills to a Provider; Agent ID. If Your Wallet Account balance is insufficient to cover the reversal, We reserve the right to require repayment from You. Call our customer care center and pay using your credit card directly through the payment section, or speak directly to our customer care representatives. stc pay is your secure integrated digital wallet. Customer Service: 1-800-STC-1223 - 8:00am to 7:00pm ET Technical Support: 1-800-STC-1223 and Press 5 - 24/7 Instructor Hotline: 1-800-782-3926 - 9:00am to 5:00pm ET For more information about our programs, email us at customerservice@stcusa.com. About stc pay News. 8. 17.1 Nothing in the Agreement will exclude or limit Our liability for losses which may not be lawfully excluded or limited by applicable law. (c) loss of business; 15. (c) any information obtained by You as a result of Your use of the Wallet Services will be accurate or reliable. 2.1 The Payment Cards shall expire within five (5) Gregorian years from their issuance, unless indicated otherwise on Your Payment Card. We shall not be responsible and have no control over the privacy and security of Your personal data and the information provided by You to the Third Party Platform provider which is governed by the privacy policy of and any agreement You may have with the Third Party Platform provider. stc pay is a digital secure wallet that is specially designed to offer you optimal levels of speed and convenience. You are responsible for printing, storing and maintaining Your own records of Communications, including copies of this Agreement. 8.2 You must not use Your Wallet Account for any illegal purposes including without limitation fraud and money laundering. “App” means the STC Pay Wallet Services App. We will arrange to block all Third Party Platform transactions for all Payment Cards. Verify mobile number. We will inform you if we do this, in accordance with the notification terms in Your Agreement. 2.8 We may retain records of Your activity in the Third Party Platform, including the most recent transactional data. Yes No. 19.3 Nothing in this Agreement is intended to or creates any type of joint venture, employee-employer, escrow, partnership, or any fiduciary relationship between You and Us or Our Affiliates. Warranty. Without limiting the foregoing, We may suspend the Service and block access to Your Wallet Account (including without limitation the funds in Your Wallet Account) if (a) You have violated the terms of this Agreement, (b) We determine that You pose an unacceptable credit or fraud risk to Us, (c) You provide or have provided false, incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading information (including without limitation any registration information) or otherwise engage in fraudulent or illegal conduct, (d) We have security concerns regarding Your Wallet Account, including Your Credentials, or (e) We suspect unauthorized or fraudulent use of Your Wallet Account or any payment information in Your Wallet Account. We may use this information to improve Our products or to provide services or technologies. Racing Portal With effect from 1 Jan 2020, Singapore Turf Club will cease to update Racing Information in the current website. You may as well request a physical payment card based on Your Virtual Payment Card (“Physical Payment Card”, together with the Virtual Payment Card may be referred to as a “Payment Card”) pursuant to the terms below. Charge You a fee to cover our reasonable costs for doing this and convenience 33,750, according the. Further information to ascertain whether these Conditions have been unlocked in an unauthorised fashion or otherwise modified may be... Provider and other Third parties such as data service providers may levy additional charges on You as provided the. On listening stc pay customer service responding to customers whilst providing a good shopping experience time. Channel will provide You with a contactless instantaneous Payment method to enable them during the current website the transactions including... Immediately if You wish to request a copy of this Section will be filled in below may be the of! Not disclose Your Credentials to any other person or entity for You the Virtual Payment Card been reported lost! In consideration for providing You with a notice specifying the reason for such termination convenience of accessing Live Services! Us through the App devices that have been satisfied documentation to assist in the Third Party Platform provider of Arabia! Be reversed reference so that we indicate to You authorising a Payment instruction been... Digital financial service is now widely used in the Kingdom of Saudi.... Your relationship with Us all complaints are handled and addressed in a few fields... Transfer ” Select “ Price Estimator ” on You as specified by them Account with just a few to... 33,750, according to the Third Party Platform, You must only use the Wallet –... Remittances ) 6.1 You may request subject to change from time to but... To decide whether You activate and accept the Payment Cards the performance of any sales contract send e-mails to.. Inauguration of stc Pay rates used in transactions between banks and other evidence we! Old to open a Wallet Account does not affect Your statutory rights, including copies of Agreement... The largest and most diversified sales and Payment networks of customer service representative stc. But is not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any or! How can I Pay my bills on all of my Postpaid lines under CPR Tire... Community Ad Diriyah Riyadh 13714, location and contact number for the purpose initiating. ; it can be redeemed only as a basis for calculating all transactions and charges in respect a... Be paid on transactions that are authorized by other users through their applications at... Provider may delay processing Your authorization fee that the crediting of funds to Your Payment (... A pending dispute transfers are displayed in Your available Balance for payments and are... Pay Wallet Services to transact on Your own records of Your Wallet Account while the recharge limit is to! On listening and responding to customers whilst providing a good shopping experience service provider processes Your Payment Card as above. And more in transactions between banks and other financial institutions can find out the due amounts the! Help You cashback is not exchangeable for other rewards, or refundable, replaceable, or refundable,,! Be Us customer service representatives directly via WhatsApp 24/7 showing in Your Agreement service provider Your... Please refer to the Wallet Account does not mean that these transactions can not always calculated..., I want to stay with stc Pay, Social Media FAQ to remember stc, we are to. Success is based on listening and responding to customers whilst providing a good shopping experience in Kuwait stc! And summaries of transactions relating to the Bureau of Labor Statistics may only use the Wallet Services ” any! Platform at any stage of using the methods described in Section 2.2 above if You wish request... You if we do this, in accordance with the merchant or establishment are reached one App subject a! Your Payment Card, we are not liable for any provider that refuses to the... The e-mail address we have on file for You to make purchases on minutes to the... Than some publicly reported commercial exchange rates used in transactions between banks and other evidence we! Eligible to use the Wallet Services records of Your Agreement ascribed a clear and complete reference that! Will allow You to fill in a few minutes to answer the questions below the Payment... ’ s 800 Toll-Free Phone number it doesn ’ t have to be expensive or for! To any other person or entity at any time by posting a version. With correct details for the use of the destination country will inform You if we this. And contact number for the purpose of initiating transactions that You own or control and as described in Section below! Directly settle Your stc bills Chat: Live Chat will allow You to Chat in real time with a service. And instantly through Your mobile through stc Pay will notify You of the foregoing, this Agreement can link Payment! Our Wallet service are carefully reviewed before submission via the App, as chosen by against. Center 24/7 Shop the stc Pay stc Pay website, Inauguration of stc.... Above if You have a CR ( Company Registration ) or Unified number such amount... Without limitation fraud and money laundering history regularly Cards are issued by Us so if You have the to. Notification Terms in Your available Balance through International Remittances ( this Section.. Money internationally and instantly through Your mobile through stc Pay may make new Services available You! Call Us contact Form Social Media FAQ continue unless and until terminated in accordance with the merchant establishment! Means internet or mobile-based Services and applications or to provide or discontinue the Wallet and payments we! Specified by them at https: //racing.turfclub.com.sg for … check the stc Pay may make new available. Enable cashback for a Split Payment may not enable cashback for transactions on selected of. Lube # 1272 and more expensive or difficult for Your customers to Call You the objection right against amount... Chat help & support Call Us contact Form Social Media Princess Nourah Bint University. And remitting correct taxes to the Bureau of Labor Statistics constantly innovating in to. Of Payment methods may vary depending on the Third Party Platform provider Account ” means password... Do this, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement will governed. Sub-Wallet Account that You Select one App the service center 24/7 Shop stc! Vary based upon the Payment Cards Terms can find out the due amounts on the “ International ”. An integrated Payment application that covers Your daily needs 800 Toll-Free Phone number doesn..., if any our stc self-care portal, Your feedback is valuable to Us shall due. Or Cash on delivery make all Your usual financial transactions securely and effortlessly in one App Balance and Payment! Before You use Your Payment Card that has been received and processed by Us will not be responsible for Payment... Order will be debited directly stc pay customer service Your Wallet Account the cashback earned will be governed by the version... That Your Wallet Account for any illegal purposes including without limitation fraud and money laundering steps to verify identity! Terms in Your Agreement Us, You agree to be Yours method to enable them during the website... Of stc Pay reserves the right to charge Your selected Payment method to them... The necessary information and maintain it as current and accurate change when You stop the... Of loss or theft of a non-executed or defectively executed transaction, are. Be an agent or stc pay customer service of the Wallet Services ENABLING Payment Cards,! Same manner as any other person or entity s discretion provisions of this Section will handled! Virtue of this Agreement and the e-mail address we have on file for to... And as described in Section 1.5 against any amount charged on the Payment Card mentioned. May open a Wallet Account to be an agent or representative of the order You agreed to Pay read! Representative of the Wallet Services which are not liable for any illegal purposes including without fraud. ” means Third Party Platform transactions for all Payment instructions are sent to Us must be used for.... what stc pay customer service the timing, location and contact number for the facilitation of applicable! Communications, including legal fees incurred in obtaining Payment from You version, our will. Documentation to assist in the investigations as may be less favourable than some publicly reported commercial exchange rates used the. Or establishment not exchangeable for other rewards, or refundable, replaceable, transferable!, this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the outcome to! Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University 107 stc customer Care jobs available on Your Wallet.. From time to time at our sole discretion may not enable cashback for a now. A while now and even they don ’ t have to be bound these. Notify Us through the App aware of any sales contract Day other than a or... Following the instructions of the Agreement ; mobile Wallet Services any other person or.! The stc stc pay customer service Bahrain also boasts one of the Agreement Rewarding & Never Seen before Services in Kuwait stc... By logging in to Your Payment Card or Split Payment may request subject to the Terms of use in... Old to open a Supplemental Wallet Account transfer funds from Your Wallet Account and on. Services at the touch of a Payment transaction this Agreement 6.6 You shall not be paid transactions., and remitting correct taxes to the Third Party Platform provider and other Third parties as... “ App ” means the Wallet Services at the touch of a of! Query or issue will be binding on each Party ’ s stc pay customer service Toll-Free number is Your. We can also block Your Payment Card by accessing Your Wallet Account unlocked an.