These insect pests attack the crop at different growth stages and results in a significant decrease in yield quantity and quality. The results revealed that the peak incidence of aphids, jassids and whitefly was in the 34 th, 35 and 36th standard meterological week (SMW), respectively. 2001) that helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancer, gastrointestinal issues, high blood pressure, eye disease and many more. Spraying with 0.05% endosulfan, 0.03% Dimethoate or thiometon and 0.02% phosphamidon control the pest effectively. An Ichneumonid endoparasitoid, Pristomerus euzopherae was recorded associated with this stem borer. 32. Order: – Hemiptera. Spraying with 0.05% monocrotophos 36 WSC or 0.2% carbaryl or dusting with 10% carbaryl 3-4 weeks after transplantation subsequent application 15 days thereafter controls the pest effectively. The aphids are a polyphaga species that migrates from a plant to another or from a species to another. ... Several workers recorded various groups of natural enemies on L. orbonalis viz., The ichneumonids Peristomerus testaceus, Eriborus argentiopilosus (Tewari, and Singh 1987), Bracon chinensis Nair, R.K., 1967, Apanteles spp., Chelonus spp, (Gokulpur, R.S., 1970;Navasero, and Calilung,1990 and the chalcids Brachymeria obscurata (Walker). Studies were undertaken to find the natural parasitisation efficiency and population dynamics of Trathala flavoorbitalis Cameron a nonspecific parasitoid of brinjal shoot and fruit borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenée. A short summary of this paper. In past 40 years, the effective management of plant diseases has played a key role in increased food production by two to three folds, but pathogens still claiming 10-16% of the global food harvest (Chakraborty and Newton, 2011). A heavy black sooty mould may develop on the honeydew like droplets secreted by mealy bugs. The grubs feed on the roots of brinjal and cause enormous damage to the crop. Hymenpterous parasitoids are biopesticides scattered in the environment which develop on pest insects and kill them. Download PDF. Above species showed maximum preference to yellow, red, red and yellow colours respectively. Besides the feeding damage, aphids and whitefly also exude honeydew which favours the development of sooty mould. Veg Fly Damage on Brinjal. Studies on population dynamics of Coccinella septempunctata Linnaeus and Lipaphis erysimi (Kaltenbach) on cabbage Brassica juncea var. Damping Off: The disease causes acute damage in the nursery. The moths are medium sized. Cabbage Butterfly ; Tobacco Catterpillar; Potato Tuber Moth; Weevil. Wings expanse 22-26mm. Recent Trends in Detection and Diagnosis of Plant Diseases, POPULATION DYNAMICS OF LADY BEETLE, MENOCHILUS SEXMACULATUS AND INSECT PESTS ON BRINJAL CROP, Biology of stem borer, Euzophera perticella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and association of endoparasitoid Pristomerus euzopherae (Hymenoptera:Ichneumonidae) in grafted and ratoon brinjal crop, Parasitisation of brinjal shoot and fruit borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenée by Trathala flavoorbitalis Cameron, Colour attractivity and occurrence of some cell sap sucking pests on crop plants, HOST PLANTS FOR A WHITEFLY ALEURODICUS DISPERSUS FROM KOLHAPUR REGION, INDIA, HYMENOPTEROUS BIOPESTICIDES AND THEIR PRELIMINARY BIOCONTROL POTENTIAL FROM WESTERN MAHARSHTRA INCLUDING GHATS, Insect Pest Management Ecological Concepts, Studies on population dynamics and feeding potential of Coccinella septempunctata Linnaeus in relation to Lipaphis erysimi (Kaltenbach) on cabbage, The use of wild species for the genetic improvement of brinjal eggplant (Solanum melongena) and tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum), CURRENT STATUS OF BRINJAL RESEARCH IN INDIA, Seasonal incidence of insect pests and estimation of losses caused by shoot and fruit borer on brinjal, Molecular Phylogeny of Wild Silk Moths from Maharashtra, Biodiversity Species identification and discription, Ecological and control of brinjal insect pests from Rewa region. The book will fulfill the gap of ecological knowledge on insect pest management and helpful to students, teachers, scientists and farmers both in India and abroad. Spraying of insecticides like Dichlorvos (0.02%) or Chlorpyriphos (0.05%) with fish oil rosin soap was found to control the insect population. Varietal Screening of Brinjal against Aphid (Aphis gossypii G.) Infestation and Population Fluctuation Plus Interaction between Aphid and Ladybeetle (Coccinella septempunctata L.) Populations Published November 8, 2012 at × in Photographs. Control: Collection and destruction of infested leaves along with the grubs, adult and eggs reduces the pest incidence. 1-1.5 lakhs/ha found effective for control of Lepidopterous pests. Moths are medium sized having wing expanses 25-35mm. Aphids are tiny yellowish soft-bodied insects, the adult is along 1mm long and has two projections called cornicles on the dorsal side of abdomen. Removal of damage shoot,fruit and fruit borer and destruction. Order: -Homoptrera. A single female lays about 35-45 eggs, which hatch within 4-12 days. ), Lipaphis erysimi Kalt., Aspidoitus destructor Sign., Aonidiella Vegetable cultivation is an important and alternative source of income, especially in urban and suburban areas. interests regarding the publication of this paper. Under each chapter agrochemicals have been discussed with respect to trade names, chemistry, mode of actions and applications (with suitable examples).

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