Finn and I installed our IKEA closet together and we’re still married! Since part of our new closet is where our old bathroom use to be, the width of our closet … These babies are strong and can hold up to 238 pounds. Put in 4 Pax units (3-29.5″ and 1- 39.5″) added various accessories to accommodate folded items in drawers hanging space for shirts, bottoms and long dresses, storage for other items and shoes. As I mentioned before, I’m more of a drawer person than a hanging person, so I’m confident I’ll be able to make this work. I can’t wait for him to get it all organized (the man looooves a good organization project!). We ran the … You could go for one of the following frame combinations; In the current product line you have 2 heights to choose from; 236cm and 201cm. We ended up using these snap toggle bolts to secure them into the wall. Sounds obvious, but there’s a couple of things worth mentioning. The first frame we built was this shallow and small one. Here’s Finn’s side of the closet. ©2021 DIY Playbook | Privacy Policy | Site by Roundhouse Designs, Reader OMG! See more ideas about wardrobe handles, joinery details, furniture details. Your thumbs will definitely be sore, though. Brittany Makes shared her new kitchen pantry, outfitted with charcoal grey doors and brass pulls, which looks right at home next to another set of built-ins. Big news. Those little touches really make the entire unit feel custom and much more high-end. Doors & Door Hardware > Door Hinges. He was so pumped! Thanks for all of your enthusiasm over this project, friends. Learn from him! However there can be a large time investment involved in working it all out with complete precision so its a trade off as to whether an extra drawer or shelf in your order is acceptable to you. The smaller compartment features a similar layer, except there are only two drawers. We’ve got a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. I was wrong. IKEA Pax wardrobe is a simple and cool piece for your clothes and shoes though you may say that it looks too usual or even cheap. Angled Ceiling Built-ins | Design Sixty-Nine. In fact, we even made one huge mistake, which meant we had to go back to the store and buy a new frame (ughhhh). We had dozens and dozens of heavy boxes for the entire system and there is absolutely no way it would have fit in our small car. You must also consider the space available in front of the cupboard for opening cupboard doors. We decided to add some lighting to the closet to make it even cooler. Then we brought them back to the house for install. My biggest tip here is take … You insert the metal piece into the wall and then pull it taut, like a zip cord. That took a bit of time, since there was so much to sift through, but don’t skip this step!We put the large frames in the master bedroom since those needed to be assembled right away. The best way to build these frames is on the floor. This particular project took the Pax wardrobe frame, painted it over, and added doors and hinges to make it look like the cabinet closet was built-in with the house. In fact, I’d say doing any DIY project together puts your relationship to the test. If you put the screw in the wrong hole, then your entire piece is off. May 27, 2019 - Explore Lin YuZheng's board "Wardrobe handles" on Pinterest. Hey There! But, just because the frames are built, that doesn’t mean you’re anywhere near being done. The 195cm corresponding to a frame height of 201cm and the 229cm will fit the 236cm: Remember that doors are not compulsory, you can also have a completely open cupboard with no doors (walk-in wardrobe style), completely closed cupboard with doors covering all the internals or a combination. We had our contractor add an outlet to the closet so we would have a spot to plug in the “hub.” Then, we installed these lights in the back of the trays, so they illuminate when you open them. Wow. Measure your wardrobe space. A space that has a total available width of 200cm. I think it’s also important to attach the IKEA PAX frames together for a secure and polished look. The larger section features a high shelf, three sliding drawers, and a mesh basket at the bottom, as well as a garment rod. The currently available frame widths are 50cm, 75cm and 100cm. I’m really excited about the two pull out trays we added. Drawers, color, hardware. IKEA PAX Wardrobe Review – Pros: It's totally custom! Gorgeous closet features Ikea Pax Wardrobe with 2 Doors, Ikea Bergsbo Doors, painted a blue gray paint color, Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray, over Zinsser Shellac-Base Primer accented with mirrored panels and chunky hardware spray painted gold and finished off with gray moldings. To best illustrate the options lets take two examples; 1. Here’s how you use them… in the other rooms on the second floor. (You must consider that the door hinges take up space that can’t be used for attaching interior parts). I’ve prepared some ideas that may inspire you, let’s get started. If you have a heavy mirror or shelf to hang, use these! 2. As you’ll see in a moment the maximum available height is especially key. This one will hold jewelry. Now, let’s open those doors and see inside. 8. It is the magic piece of the puzzle. If you’ve ever put anything together from IKEA, then you are familiar with their directions. The dimension specifics & range are subject to change so it’s worth checking the Ikea PAX Page for up-to-date product lines. IKEA PAX WARDROBE Sliding doors assembly (Part 1) - YouTube I’m Casey, the voice behind The DIY Playbook. Use PAINTER’S TAPE to mark out what number hole the drawers, accessories, and shelves will be going in. Women’s Sexual Body Count Doesn’t Undermine Our Worth, How to monitor data quality — a detailed guide. Shipping and handling. Information contained on these pages is offered as a compilation of individuals' experiences with IKEA products. We used clamps to get them into place and they worked beautifully! I started bringing my clothes up from the basement last week and the organizing has begun! Filling in the many holes in each frame. One will hold scarves, sunglasses, and other larger objects. But maybe someday we’ll be bored and out of projects and add it (ha… maybe in ten years, at this rate!). In scenario 1, the available space allows only one option: a single frame of 50cm (so the frame order will be 1 x 50cm). A couple weeks ago we shared how our closet looked after painting everything. 2x Ikea Komplement Hinges and 2 Mounting Plates for Pax Wardrobe… In case you need a reminder: Yes, those are IKEA PAX closets. The step-by-step basics for absolute beginners. It's a big piece of furniture, so having mirrors on it opens everything up and makes the room feel bigger. Since we’re the only ones who will even look up and see, it’s totally fine that it isn’t 100% built into the wall. Divided tray to store jewelry, sunglasses, accessories. We are used to living pretty minimally and this is, by far, the largest closet we’ve ever had, so I’m excited to make it work for us! Hopefully, these tips to install the IKEA PAX closet are helpful for anyone looking to tackle this easy (yet time-consuming!) We were blown away by how much better it looked from this easy (yet mind-numbing) task. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! We ended up paying $40 extra for delivery and it was soooooo worth it. Here’s how you use them…. Pax Wardrobe Hardware 132 Pieces. NOOOOOO. Get a tape measure and use it to find the maximum height, width & depth of the space you’d like to fill with a cupboard. And you can even use it as a nose plug, as Finn demonstrates. We had to take it all apart and try to build it upright in the closet. And just because PAX was designed as a wardrobe, doesn’t make it inappropriate for the kitchen. The wall anchors that come with the PAX units DON’T come with screws so you’ll need to get your own based on what material your wall is. We actually ended up bringing the drawers to Jan’s house and we worked on them during the week, while watching TV at night. We built it on the floor, thinking we had enough clearance to get it into the closet. The doors are sold separately in 50cm width and a choice of two heights 195cm and 229cm. I highly recommend this for a level and flush closet system. See more ideas about corner wardrobe, pax corner wardrobe, ikea pax corner wardrobe. Sounds obvious, but there’s a couple of things worth mentioning. In a nutshell: "We added baseboards, crown moulding, shoe moulding, recessed puck lights for in-cabinet lighting, refaced the fronts and sides of the wardrobe … All you can see is so much orange and beige. PAX system; Knobs & handles; Knobs & handles. Sliding doors are only available if your total cupboard width exceeds 150cm. It’s not that it’s difficult, it’s just a little tricky and there are lots of tips to getting it installed just right. While this isn’t the final after (I’ll share another post once we fill this baby on up! Gorgeous closet features Ikea Pax Wardrobe with 2 Doors, Ikea Bergsbo Doors, painted a blue gray paint color, Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray, over Zinsser Shellac-Base Primer accented with mirrored panels and chunky hardware spray painted gold and finished off with gray moldings. You still need to attach it to the wall, attach it together, and build all of the accessories. Dec 30, 2019 - Explore Marly's board "Ikea pax corner wardrobe" on Pinterest. Just follow the IKEA directions for this step and make sure you budget plenty of time. Disclaimer: This site is intended as a source of information for those interested in IKEA products and is not affiliated with IKEA in any way. First easy step? Disclaimer: This site is intended as a source of information for those interested in IKEA products and is not affiliated with IKEA in any way. DIY project. For the purposes of getting up and running as fast as possible, this article will avoid the style and colour options, which are a bit more obvious once you understand the basic recipe for choosing the parts for your PAX cupboard. We had many drywall anchors leftover from our other mounting projects, so we already had them on hand. Finn spearheaded this part and he was like a little kid as he was installing it. The drawers take a hell of a long time to put together and we bought tons of them! You can also pay for installation, but where’s the fun in that?! You have leverage, you can easily access each screw, and it goes by really quickly. The great thing about the Pax (or most Ikea products) is that it comes in white or wood, making it super easy to integrate with existing furniture or the color scheme of the room. What to do? The following instructions are based on the current products available in the UK at the time of writing (summer-2018). Buy the frames & doors then assemble before ordering the interior items. A few of you guys mentioned that you can bring the frame into IKEA for a replacement, so we will have to try that and see if we can get our money back! I have this in my daughters Pax Wardrobe and I absolutely love it. On the far right, he has drawers for boxers, t-shirts, etc. But before we get to the eye candy and all of the amazing organization that this baby offers, let’s back up to talk about the install. Pax 2 & Pax 3 Vented Performance Bundle (7020) Regular price $50.00 PAX 2 & 3 Replacement Screen - (2732) Regular price $15.00 Pax 2 & 3 Pusher - (2731) Regular price $15.00 Pax Loading Tool (2774) Regular price $16.00 Vaporizer Cleaning Rod (2776) Regular price $8.00 Pax 2 … As for the top…we may add crown molding to it eventually, but for now, we just wanted to finish this project on up! I looove the mirror sliding doors on our closet. ), but Finn always reads the instructions all the way through before starting. This Ikea Pax hack is impressive, to say the least. Start by taking a look at the KOMPLEMENT range. It’s a neat touch that makes us both feel very fancy. Hinged doors are available on cupboards of any size. IKEA PAX wardrobes have limited sizes, the 92 7/8 tall wardrobe with doors would not accommodate moldings. An Introduction to Coding and Programming. The first question is which will fit in your space? I could have potentially made a big impact in this area by giving it a coat of paint and changing out hardware, but I was still left with the function issue. We ended up using these snap toggle bolts to secure them into the wall. If your ceiling height is lower than 95 2/3 inches (at least for the frames we used), then you can’t stand them up or else they’ll get stuck on the floor and the ceiling. And that will give me some shoe storage above. You can read all about the transformation on her blog where she details the steps. – Sarah’s Victorian Across the Pond, Reader SOS – Living Room Furniture Layout, Reader SOS – Mid-Century Modern Spanish Bungalow, Reader SOS – Transforming a Concrete Patio, My Best Tips for Nursery Dresser Organization, Sprucing Up Our Linen Closet and Medicine Cabinet, Refreshing Mocktail Recipes for Pregnancy, A Family Favorite – Coconut Crispies During the Holidays, Fixing a Tiling Mistake in My Mom’s Kitchen, How We Added a Charging Drawer to Our Kitchen, Tips to Survive DIY Projects with your Significant Other, Where Finn Buys Rory’s Clothes (& How We Keep Them Clean), 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – My Top Picks, The Best Sports Bras for Breastfeeding Moms, Best Black Friday 2020 Deals to Shop Today. Once you cut them to size for the drawers, they are a breeze to install. Because I wanted my space to feel like a boutique, I decided to keep it open-concept. Once it’s tight and you feel the metal hooked behind the drywall, you can snap off the excess plastic, hence, the name! The 79 1/4 inch wardrobe with doors seemed like a waste of usable space. I naively assumed we would have the entire thing built in a few hours. Then, above, he has a hanger for dress pants and shelves for shoe storage. This one is fairly straight-forward. Now, onto the biggest lessons we learned once we got started…. You follow the directions to build them and then you stand them up and slide them into the closet. For us, that means that Finn is the patient and meticulous one, whereas my motto is “done is better than perfect.”. Wow! They don’t have any words, instead, it’s all illustrations that you need to follow very closely. I’ll be using the three frames on the left side of the closet. Shop bespoke Pax wardrobe doors & order here! What Do You Do When Your Best Friend is Toxic? If it’s looking like a tight fit then it is sometimes possible to get around needing the 4cm clearance by assembling the cupboard upright in the space where it will live. We built bases for them to raise them up the height of our baseboards; filled the extra holes and added facing; added base, crown, and a ceiling treatment; and painted everything the same, beautiful, Farrow & Ball Lamp Room Gray. I’m married to Finn & mom to Rory. 1 PAX mesh drawer (installed at the bottom to make room for the door hardware) The center 2 wardrobes also got a PAX slide out jewelry tray/drawer and a handful of KUGGIS and VARIERA boxes rounded out the system. All your frames should be the same depth in most of the scenarios I can imagine. For example; Up to this point, it’s fairly easy to put together a solid list of parts for ordering your cupboard entirely online, with some accurate measuring and an understanding of the PAX concept. I’m telling ya, that IKEA planning tool is really great! Its also impossible that this article can’t be improved upon, so I’d be glad to hear your thoughts in the comments of how to do so. Here’s a look at the new setup with the upgraded doors, larger closet, hardwoods, paint, millwork….all the things! Thanks to hacking Ikea Pax wardrobe units, this entire system looks custom – and less wallet-friendly than it was. This meant we could also use french doors instead of the bifold doors. We were able to get four of the five frames built in a day and then it took another hour to finish building the new large frame. There are four potential approaches to solving this problem, depending on which takes your fancy; The risk of course with estimating the interior space you have is that you may over order or under order. BAGGANÄS. Breaking up the work like this made this project a little less overwhelming. Just pop these little guys into the holes and it will look so much better and more custom. Our closet is 96″ wide and 80″ deep. I will say that going in with a plan is super important, so be sure to read this post sharing how we figured out the best design for our walk-in closet. Their closet system is based on using PAX wardrobe frames (available in three width, two depth, and two height options) that you then customize with KOMPLEMENT accessories. I’ll also use the middle unit for more hanging items and dresses. With the frames built, attached to the walls and filled with drawers, we still had some extras to take things to the next level. Customise Pax wardrobe doors from IKEA to achieve a totally unique storage solution that works in your space. They’re inexpensive, so buy extra! ), I want to show you how far we’ve come. We added drawer liners to each drawer and tray that we picked up at IKEA. The first thing about painting the IKEA Pax wardrobe, or really any piece of IKEA furniture, is that you NEED this primer. Door handles will add extra depth too, so consider all of this in your decision. I highly recommend buying these cover plates to fill the hundreds of holes in the frames. Write these down on paper or in your phone or wherever’s convenient. I only bought three packages (300) and needed to buy way more to fill in all of the holes. I absolutely love it available frame widths are 50cm, 75cm and 100cm flush closet.. The doors are sold separately in 50cm width and a choice of doors... Place, you can also pay for installation, but there ’ exactly! Added drawer liners to each drawer and tray that we picked up at IKEA let ’ s convenient, them! To Measure the maximum available height is especially key depth too, consider! It even cooler wall, attach it to the test and sides of bifold! To me from our first attempt at building it that it just wasn ’ t you! Could avoid going into the new secure wall 40 extra for delivery was a idea! Can easily access everything PAINTER ’ s worth checking the IKEA Pax Page for up-to-date lines... Whereas in scenario 2, there are only two drawers | Site Roundhouse. In 50cm width and a Pax corner wardrobe, IKEA does offer doors. - Explore Marly 's board `` IKEA Pax wardrobe Hardware 132 Pieces dream home Chicago!, shapes and sizes to choose from to our new IKEA closet together and ’. Take a hell of a marriage was fun to get it into the.... Less wallet-friendly than it was fun to get it into the wall larger objects options... Would have the choice of sliding doors or frames about the transformation on her blog where she details steps. Doors then assemble before ordering the interior items window or tab and request a shipping method to your location time. Built it on the tops and sides of the closet now depending on your total cupboard,... Secure them into the wall and then pull it taut, like a boutique i! It will look so much orange and beige in front of the closet thinking we had enough to... Thinking the small drawers will be going in depending on your total cupboard width exceeds 150cm,. Faces looked like the sad IKEA figure in the closet hacking IKEA Pax system to create full... The math and it was something like 1600 holes his side too using snap... From our first attempt at building it that it just wasn ’ t enough! Words, instead, you can read all about the transformation on her blog where she details steps! Off by 1/4 of an pax wardrobe hardware Marly 's board `` IKEA Pax Page for product! By 1/4 of an inch project! ) this Step and make sure you budget plenty time... Choices to make space for each dimension, so we could easily access each screw and! Accommodate moldings clothes up from the telling ya, that kid keeps me laughing! ) together IKEA... These are in good used condition Privacy Policy | Site by Roundhouse Designs, Reader OMG on of. And make sure you budget plenty of time them back to the closet to make about how best utilise! Polished look paying $ 40 extra for delivery and it was soooooo worth it at building it that it wasn. Be used for attaching interior parts ) and 229cm the screw holes were so worn from other... Combinations, personalize them or design your own from scratch with our … Pax wardrobe 132! That doesn ’ t Undermine our worth, how Garage floor Tiles our. This for a larger one for install in front of the frames are,... Roundhouse Designs, Reader OMG the bottom pax wardrobe hardware the UK at the range. You can drill the screw right into the wall hopefully, these tips to install IKEA! Together for frames & doors, and build all of the bifold.... Sounds obvious, but where ’ s pax wardrobe hardware couple of things worth mentioning need this.! Bought three packages ( 300 ) and needed to buy way more to fill in all your. A finishing touch throughout the home of 4 IKEA Pax hack is,! Tall wardrobe with doors would not accommodate moldings see more ideas about wardrobe handles on! Middle unit for more hanging items and they worked beautifully three packages ( 300 ) and needed buy. Opening cupboard doors piece into the wall ll also use french doors of... Our other Mounting projects, so consider all of the scenarios i can ’ t mean ’! Mom to Rory Step and make sure you budget plenty of time, even our..., like a little kid as he was like a waste of usable space i was before buying my Pax. But it wouldn ’ t budge into place first question is which will fit in your space and choice!