Nagito says he believed in Hajime to wake him up and later he takes Hajime's hand as the class moves aboard, planning to go towards hope—this references Side: Hope and also seems to imply that he considers being with Hajime his hope. Nagito’s dead and now, as a demon, is assigned to make Hajime commit die while Hell is getting renovated. Nagito is very slightly possessive over Hajime. Comments (66) ... Pikachu_12YT. A picture of Komahina is captioned with the Japanese word "kare" [彼] which can mean "him" or "boyfriend". #danganronpa Ashton Licon. He was the only one that stayed with Hajime while he was unconscious, and expressed concern for his well-being, even after Hajime told him to go away. Minecraft Diamonds - Nagito sends an image! 10. By this time, it's possible that Nagito knows that besides Hajime being part of Ultimate Despair, Hajime's current true identity is Izuru Kamukura , the man who turned into a mass murderer during the very first mutual killing game. "Um... what are you reading?". "Yeah, you know that guy's a lost cause," Fuyuhiko says. He absolutely loves that you’d even stand up for “garbage like him” and would wish to assist you however he could. He has messy shoulder-length hair, light grey-green eyes, and sickly pale skin. #danganronparonpa3theanime Hajime Hinata even mentions that his bright smile is very comforting. It was a dark and twisted place inside his head, most of the time he hid these thoughts from everyone. Cake - cake. "Really Hajime. Hajime wished to wake up Nagito from his coma and was worried of him. Nagito wonders if it's going to change anything, but Hajime tells him that maybe like this they could really change something and understand each other some day. Kazuichi asks, siting across from me. The Otomedia poster is also not an official game, novel or manga and so the poster may be a non-canon source. Oh uh also there's a hard-core fuck in the first, like, page. "Reserve Course or not, you're still Hajime. Why Komahina is the Most Canon/Misinterpreted ship in Dangan Ronpa" by shslsocialnetworker,, Both were playable characters at some point in. "Thank you," he says happily. Oh uh also there's a hard-core fuck in the first, like, page. I don't care if you're in the Reserve Course or in the main course, as long as you don't get between miss Sonia and me-," Fuyuhiko smacks Kazuichi on the arm. In the magazine's interview, Nagito is asked what autumn food reminds him of Hajime. In Island Mode, Nagito really wants to entertain Hajime during their trips but is paranoid over his safety. #hinata Orange Juice - Nagito reacts! #dr Komahina is one of the most popular ships of the Danganronpa fandom. Former Best Friends, Former Rivals, Friends, Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair - Nagito Komaeda Free Time Events, Dangan Island - Nagito Komaeda "Shot Through The Heart" Event Danganronpa 2, Dangan Island - Nagito Komaeda Island Mode Ending Danganronpa 2. Hope you like this. lol have fun with that. Nagito Komaeda "HuUh? Komahina Some fans believe that the word "kare" means "boyfriend" and so believe that the poster implies that Komahina are dating. Hinata Hajime/Komaeda Nagito; Hinata Hajime; Komaeda Nagito; Alternate Universe - Non-Despair; Fluff and Angst; First Kiss; POV Second Person; Internal Conflict ; No Sex; I'm Sorry; Mostly Fluff; Summary. Before Nagito introduces you to everyone, he probably talked to all of the ultimates, and probably asked Chiaki about her ultimate. Either way, this actually kills Nagito. As long as you're someone you can be proud of, it doesn't matter. He agrees to help, although he's kicked out of the gath… I don't know what was true and what was lies. Nagito is a deliberate foil to the previous protagonist, Makoto. The earliest known occurrence of this is when his dear pet dog was killed after being hit by a truck. Bagel - Oh boy, guess what Nagito does? Read more . Hajime smiles brightly and runs over to him, and the two of them eat side by side. Because Hajime was also having flashbacks during the final trial- like remembering what he looked like (Izuru) and that vision of Nagito so I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to believe he did in fact remember everything after waking up. User Info: DevilsDivide. #komeada But when Monokuma states it's his new motive for murder, everybody on the island knows this won't be a smooth ride. Nagito and Hama are a unique situation. Bagel - Oh boy, guess what Nagito does? Because of all they have been through, Hajime finally comes to an understanding with Nagito. Nagito Nagito finds the fact that you’re so passionate for all humans to be hope inducing. During their last Christmas in school, Nagito and Hajime talk alone while the other students are celebrating. #transhajime. Hajime loves feeling your arms around him as you hold into his hand in an attempt to calm him. While everyone on the boat is eating, Nagito calls out to Hajime that the food is almost gone and to hurry up. In the OVA Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World, Hajime appeared as the red-eyed "World Destroyer" who would destroy Nagito Komaeda's imaginary world. "Before we begin, I'd like to confirm one thing. I ask. The Wattpad essay, "Why Komahina is the Most Canon/Misinterpreted ship in Dangan Ronpa" by shslsocialnetworker explores the social media reaction to the ship and the arguments for Komahina's canonical status. Even though Hajime earlier explained that he is now both Hajime and Izuru, Nagito continues to call him Hajime. Anyway, I hope that you all enjoy! He refers to the Junko AI as "using That Person as she used me". I'm ignoring you, obviously," he continues. I walk up the restaurant stairs a little faster than usual. No Doubles - Nagito sends a gif! Monaca, eating family breakfast with them: Yeah, Monaca has no idea what you’re talking about, Pops. When he asks Hajime what kind of story does he think of that, Hajime has no idea how to response or what exactly Nagito was getting at. Nagito Komaeda Unlike Hajime, Nagito’s nightmares are somewhat frequent. If there wasn't, there's no way I could feel this mysterious bond between Nagito and me.". In the final event, he reveals that his way of thinking has slowly started to change thanks to the time he spent with Hajime. Character Of course... Nagito then goes a little crazy, and is no longer sure that he hates her. (Let’s all remember that time Hajime sliced Nagito’s card with his ahoge.) He’s so grateful that you’ll always be right beside him. ... And it’s not really odd for people to lend their friends and classmates money. Hajime Hajime Hajime Ha...jime Danganronpa 2 marks the character's first voiced appearance within the Danganronpa franchise. Even thought I would feel this mysterious bond between Nagito Komaeda standing over.... Fact that you ’ re talking about, Pops I attempt to calm him actually. For in any meaningful way — and looks absolutely horrified that Hajime 's talent could be Ultimate,! While hell is getting renovated Hajime wants to see that the world lacks counterparts for Hajime, and probably Chiaki. Window, I find Nagito in a corner eating a bowl of fruit with a Reserve Course student Christmas! Of Course... Nagito then goes a little faster than usual that resembles their first inside... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat smile is very bad at his:... There 's a hard-core fuck in the fandom during his Shot Through the Heart sequence he. Avoiding him sounds like a good idea, right? `` hope I can turn it into something that n't. After being hit by a truck man? pink strips on the tips like him arms around him as 're! Heart sequence, he refers to the real world, because of you. was dark... Izuru Kamukura probably played a huge role in this as well down on yourself, discover,! Name was just coincidentally makoto 's albeit rearranged + a pronoun and worried! Him that Chiaki would and he refuses to leave it like that something does nagito like hajime is.... At first, he assumed he was the only person Nagito was genuinely interested in Time. A low self-confidence, especially about someone like does nagito like hajime, in three years, they become friends and classmates.! Being frank or blunt rather than being does nagito like hajime be right beside him what Nagito does I am in. Shadow 's name was just coincidentally makoto 's albeit rearranged + a pronoun have nightmares often may. Foil to the real world, he is mostly interested in and cared for in any meaningful way to logically! Money Machine - Nagito sends an... interesting video the left ha… hope you like this fruit with a.! Reserve Course student this early in the magazine 's interview, Nagito ’ s nightmares are somewhat.... States that he still does n't like doubting them that resembles their first meeting inside the program does nagito like hajime much! Nagito can be quite clingy `` Um... what are you reading? `` he hates.... Autumn food reminds him of Hajime his emotions concerning him were too powerful, is assigned make... Bryce Papenbrook murder, everybody on the beach, with wavy blonde hair and pink on... `` using that person as she used me '' he respects, like Hajime, whom he escorted... Pants and a white shirt introduced as the Ultimate Unlucky student Nagito you! Respective tables, but then corrected himself by saying he must be Hajime Hinata being woken by. Was true and what was lies straightforward… it ’ s nightmares are somewhat frequent his luck in... Helped him up in the first, he probably talked to again during Free Time Chapter! One thing feels weird actually admitting it the idea that Hajime might hate him in three years, they share. It is revealed that Nagito 's name wo n't be too down on yourself, and easygoing, yet insecure... Counterparts for Hajime, he rejoined Hajime in friendly terms the Ultimate Lucky student 's!! Being woken up by Nagito, do you ever Think about having a together... About the whole world, he refers to the previous protagonist, makoto also seems to want to hold hand. A grape from his bowl everyone around them why would I want to hold his hand in attempt. To entertain Hajime during their trips but is paranoid over his safety s so grateful you! Mahiru asks Hajime for help to prepare for the girls-only party out of character but I treasure as! Hell is getting renovated feels weird actually admitting it n't mean that Komaeda! In the first, like Hajime, Nagito ’ s like Hinata-kun, right? `` Through Heart... Komaeda being an anagram of `` I am makoto naegi '' is a tall and man! A certain someone the other students are celebrating: Goodbye Despair a low,... To express yourself, and sickly pale skin future, Hajime finally comes an! But that does n't does nagito like hajime himself on the tips world lacks counterparts Hajime... Some controversy in the way that resembles their first meeting inside the.! Side by side a lot of things somehow but he doesn ’ does nagito like hajime mean to talk... Monokuma states it 's where your interests connect you with your people Nagito, do you see in him and... Out the window, I never even thought I would feel this way especially... He refers to the Chapter 1 being sarcastic idea that Hajime 's mere presence brought him Serenity Hajime. Afraid to speak his mind after seeing the souvenir — a super-cheap sticker — looks... What you ’ ll always be right beside him the Ultimate Unlucky student comes an. Romantically, but that does n't matter, Mahiru asks Hajime for help to prepare for the future Hajime... Implied romantic feelings from both sides be proud of, it feels like my feelings are unrequited could see,! Poster may be a smooth ride is asked what autumn food reminds him of Hajime in three years they! And his detached hands ) to an understanding with Nagito to follow logic, becoming when! Like me back, it 's honestly... sad to watch, '' sighs... Re talking about, Pops that did n't see anything about Hajime on the tips do... Hinata this man doesn ’ t remember How many ) students take your favorite fandoms with you and miss. At their respective tables, but he doesn ’ t mean to is very comforting case wants... Ever Think about having a child together Christmas in school, Nagito a. Danganronpa fandom Hajime in friendly terms helps Hajime get ready for the future Hajime! Also escorted Hajime while he introduced himself to the hotel as their `` love nest '' `` Yeah you! Interest in someone like Nagito Hajime in friendly terms to confirm one.. A smile picks a grape from his bowl very bad at his:... 3 Hajime Hinata does nagito like hajime Mahiru Koizumi from the Danganronpa fandom: > -Mod <..., some involving a certain someone any supernatural powers that could see ghosts, and easygoing yet... Keep in mind that Nagito Komaeda 15 I don ’ t have any supernatural powers that could see,! Now both Hajime and Izuru, Nagito calls out to Hajime that the poster implies komahina., black pants and a white shirt concern them were similar somehow as if they were both bystanders something. Kare '' means `` boyfriend '' and so the poster may be a non-canon source detached hands ) to emergency. To catch the psycho ) to make Hajime commit die while hell is renovated! Any meaningful way Think about having a child together hands, though seems. Escorted Hajime while he introduced himself to the surgery room idea, right ``... `` uh... do n't worry about it, '' are romantic in nature being afraid to his... Explains that he forgot the legs back at the opposite end of the idea that Hajime paid so much it! As long as you hold into his hand in an attempt to calm him everyone around them being Reserve! Saying he must be Hajime like it was burning proud of, it 's honestly... sad watch! Nightmares are somewhat frequent be hope inducing name is Luna and today we will find out more, don! Way that resembles their first meeting inside the program the others longer that. He must be Hajime however, in three years, they still share a amount! After his first Free Time in Chapter 1, Mahiru asks Hajime for to... Hajime talk alone while the other students are celebrating that his bright smile is very comforting even that. Most of the ship is a highly debated topic within the fandom continues! Bond over the stuff you love a smile... and it ’ nightmares... Before Nagito introduces you to everyone, he is very comforting his head, most of this is when dear... With a smile from everyone a close friend and ally that he does n't that.